sE Electronics microphone reviews with Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative. Testing the sE V3 microphone, sE V7 microphone, se2200 studio condenser microphone, sE X1 S Studio Bundle which includes the Reflexion Filter.

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20 thoughts on “sE Electronics Mic Reviews – V3 – V7 – sE2200 – X1 S Studio Bundle

  1. omg :(( never unplug a mic while it's still on. Mute the track first and then unplug it. It will damage your speakers/headphones.

  2. My SE V7 (into a Tascam DR-100 Mk2) sounds really quite different to yours… Not nearly so good. Do you have any idea why this might be? I've tried all sorts of EQing… Are there counterfeits out there?

  3. Bro! It's because of this incredible review that I've decided to buy the,2200, and any Mic they got as well as their dynamite pre amp! One day that Rupert Neve tube condenser!! These people truly give you the most for your money and the designs are immaculate🎤🙄

  4. hi mike, can you tell me how the handling and pop filter is on the se v7? i like this only because the freq range is similar to that of a condenser and could use it for multiple purposes. voiceover, narrating, singing..etc. also as its a supercard is going a tiny bit off axis a huge issue? i know its not as forgiving as a cardioid. i want a dynamic mic for less background noise. also there is so few reviews on this mic, any reason why? cant find anything…thanks in advance!

  5. The X1A and X1S are amazing for the price, sure the 2200 sounds the best, but after you get everything else you need your looking at spending over $500. I have a X1A and a X1S on the way.

  6. We use the sE 2200 mics in a studio of ours… And they have used to make some award winning audio content. The grill pop filter is OK.. but be careful if you get near it with clothing the edges aren't sealed and it likes to grab cloth…

  7. As soon as it got to 7:00 I was going to comment, “Trust you Mike to go for the most expensive one.” And then you beat me to it lol

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