My Missing Furniture and a Christmas Merchandising Sales Pitch

Yes, I am in a nearly empty room, and selling stuff.

If anyone is a graphics artist and wants to earn a free t-shirt or two in thanks, drop me a line. This one took me forever, and I lack the skills for a proper “Tank on fire” shirt…

Anyway, places to get stuff.
The T-Shirt comes from the UK:

For the book, for shipping from the US go here.
From the UK, go here.

Can Openers – The Development of American Anti-Tank Motor Carriages

Reviews on the above Panzerwrecks pages, also and
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20 thoughts on “My Missing Furniture and a Christmas Merchandising Sales Pitch

  1. Does the russian equivalent of this house of yours have better attic storage options? How did the other Nato nations do for attic solutions? I hope your belongings find you sooner than later

  2. Hmm, guess you better lay some plywood or particleboard over those 2x4s in the attic. Welcome to Texas despite the missing moving truck. Hope it arrives soon.

  3. What happened to Inside the Chieftain's Hatch – Panzer III – Part 2 ?

    Also, does this mean we should expect Watching paint dry 2: Electric Boogaloo?

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