20 thoughts on “INCREDIBLE AND INGENIOUS Hidden Rooms AND SECRET Furniture

  1. Yeah because what you want along the sides of a tub is an unsealed gap for water to get inside the structure of the house.

  2. Some of those are need ideas but the tile ones I could see developing problems because of chips and it could break and then you could have a broken door we're somebody would know where there was a secret door.

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  4. 2:18 the size of the wood on the whole way give it away.

    What the general size of the woods are on the door, you were supposed to put those measurements in size to the whole wall.

  5. you can hide the door better than any one ever did the thing that gives it away is the missing space. say a 30 foot attic room has 5 feet cut off for a secret room. you look outside see the attic is 30 feet long measure the room and know the room is there. you can't disguise the space even if you can hide the door.

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