The best tech accessories for your car! 🙂
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Car Tech
Phone Mount –
Dash Cam –
Tire Pressure Monitor –
Anker Car Charger –
Tesla’s Car Charger –

A special thanks to AutoGravity for sponsoring this video. AutoGravity is not just another car browsing app. Finance your next car in minutes! What makes AutoGravity so different from everyone else is the fact that you can have money to buy a car in your hand within minutes, with four simple steps!

1. Choose your Car
2. Find a Dealer
3. Search for Financing
4. Select your Lender

You can do it all from your device! You can even take a picture of your license and it pre-populates your info for you…pretty cool!

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Cheap Backup Tripod:
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20 thoughts on “Best Car Tech Accessories 2017!

  1. Opinions on each of these
    1. Does its job well, but not the best design when it comes to cell phone mounts for cars
    2. Cheaper option for a GoPro, but the fact that it’s mounted with a suction cup is my one complaint.
    3. Very useful if your car doesn’t have built in TPMS. My car alerts me if one or more of my tires is low on air, but it doesn’t specify which one(s) or how much air is still in it
    4 & 5. Helpful for road trips. Can’t have enough ways to charge your electronics in the car

  2. It's extraordinary dangerous to be driving sitting that close to the steering wheel especially if you're short like me. you should be sitting back enough where your arm is shaped like an L but just a little bit past like every driver before you get your Learners or when you get your N SHOULD KNOW. Have fun dying because the airbags going to crush every single rib and if you don't believe me ask a professional, they will tell you the same if you're looking for death that's the way especially if you accidentally get into a car accident.. hopefully not though like I mean if you want to sit that close then by all means nobody's at fault when it's your choice those airbags expand to the amount of space your seat is all the way back and more and think about your body sitting up to the very front like that in the video. Like I said everything you do is your choice and if you want to die that is the route to go

  3. I think you're seated too close to the steering wheel. Keep a safe distance.
    & I bought that spigen stealth phone mount, it's amazing… Thnx for sharing..

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